Nonjustice Foundation Partners with Yale Collaborative for Motive Control Studies


The Nonjustice Foundation is pleased to announce its continued work with the Yale School of Medicine in research and training of nonjustice theory and the Nonjustice System by partnering with the Yale Collaborative for Motive Control Studies (“YCMCS”). James Kimmel, Jr., JD, founder of the Nonjustice Foundation, is also a Lecturer in Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine. Together with Professor Michael Rowe, PhD, he co-founded and is the co-director of YCMCS. YCMCS is engaged in researching and developing public health “motive control” approaches to gun violence prevention and treatment (in contrast to gun control measures). Motive control seeks to prevent violence by helping people control the craving for justice in the form of revenge, which studies show is the primary motive behind most acts of violence. The Nonjustice System (or “Miracle Court”) is a motive control approach that preliminary Yale research has shown to be effective in controlling the desire for revenge.