The Nonjustice Foundation

The Nonjustice Foundation (NJF) works to prevent violence, resolve conflicts, eliminate suffering, and promote healing and peace through the research, teaching, and practice of nonjustice.

The NJF focuses its activities upon the research, development, and use of The Nonjustice System (also known as Miracle Court) as a viable, efficient, and effective alternative to traditional revenge-based justice systems. The Foundation also works to change the way law is practiced by encouraging the practice of nonjustice law by lawyers, judges, and the justice system.

The NJF conducts its activities with the understanding that the pursuit of justice in the form of revenge by individuals and communities is a primary cause of violence and human suffering. Scientific studies of the human brain have also shown that, for some people, revenge-seeking may become an addiction–perhaps “the cruelest addiction of all.” By practicing nonjustice and utilizing The Nonjustice System, this addiction can be broken, violence and suffering can be prevented, healing can occur, and peace, happiness, and security can be restored.

The NJF was founded by attorney, author, and Yale School of Medicine Lecturer in Psychiatry James Kimmel, Jr., J.D.

Our symbol: The symbol of the Nonjustice Foundation is the scales of justice with the chains holding the weight pans cut free, converting them into the “Scales of Nonjustice.” Perfect balance is restored when we cease weighing, and seeking justice for, the wrongs of the past.